Dan Bilzerian’s way


    Dan Bilzerian is very famous as an American internet personality and a gambler who has a lavish and expensive lifestyle. Dan Bilzerian the elder son of Ex-Corporate Raider Paul Bilzerian is also very famous for being a playboy who earned $50 million in card winnings. His daily life is full of yachts, sports cars, and nightclubs. He claims that it is a mystery to even himself where his money came from. When he is asked about it, he refers that he got money from the trust his father gave him. The amount of the money was unknown. His recent earnings from poker games are around $50 million in 12 or 14 months which is nearly impossible.

    Dan Bilzerian is a social media superstar and he is quite famous among the young generation because of his lifestyle. He is very skilled when it comes to gambling and also owns several business ventures. His net worth is really great thanks to his fund, business, and Hollywood role. Dan Bilzerian owns around $150 million. In WSOP main event, he created a record of finishing 180th for $36626 in 2009 and in 2013, he made $10.8 million in the same event. Some say Dan Bilzerian creates millions in live cash games and if we are talking about his assets here, his 100 guns should also be counted.

    His assets and lavish lifestyle make him quite a superstar on social media. On Instagram, his posts show how he spends his life and also his assets such as his guns, cars, yachts, and women wearing bikinis which attracted more than 4.5 million followers. Young generation likes to see what he owns and how lavish his life is. We can say Instagram is the proof of his playboy lifestyle. His videos and pictures are really famous on the internet.
    Many of his videos went viral and got millions of views. One of those videos shows this playboy went and pushed a naked porn actress off the roof of his house and into a pool while photo shooting. But the actress got hurt badly and wanted to sue him. But Dan Bilzerian was safe as he paid his lawyer a good amount.

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